Featured Artist of the Week~ July 9th

I'm trying to save up to make some major purchases of artisan lampwork beads. As a result, I have been adding TONS of bead artists to my Etsy favorites. Over the next few weeks, I plan to showcase several of those artists.

This week's featured artist is...

Avenue Beads


Some artists' work is so unique that I am able to identify the artist before I even click on that little thumbnail. This week's featured artist, Avenue Beads, happens to be one of those artists. I think its a combination of the vibrant colors used in his beads and his photography style, but I always know an Avenue Bead when I see it pass by on the recently listed items.

I am particularly fascinated by his use of vibrant blues. Here are some of my personal favorites from Avenue Beads.

Silvered Lapis~ Lampwork Focal Bead:
Avenue Beads lampwork beads

Distant Planet Focal:Avenue Beads lampwork glassMango Waves:
Avenue Beads lampwork glass

Stop by and browse the rest of the shop and see what strikes your fancy. Be sure to mention that you saw him here!!


eagerblogger said...

Oh, I love the beads. :) But what I'd really like is to learn how to make my own. :)