Fall/Winter Color Forecast

As much as conformity bugs me...I have given some thought to these colors. After a long car trip this weekend, I have combed my bead catalogs and planned my fall lines.

I have always been a fan of the blue/green shades like "Blue Jay", "Marine" and "Peacock". Quite honestly, this pallette of colors is wonderful. I plan to be working with a lot of blue this fall and winter. But I certainly will not be neglecting the golden and brown tones of the "Topaz", "Cream Soda", "Cornsilk" and "Cola".

I hope to be introducing my fall lines in early August.


Lesalicious said...

Ohhhhh I love your beads:)
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SudsMuffin said...

We are ALL about hot pink and green in our shop. I love all these colors too!