Somthing to talk about!

Yes, definitely something to talk about here! Today's spotlight is:

Moore Taste
Designer Jewellery by Toni


Toni from Moore Taste offers a lovely variety of unique metal jewelry pieces. For starters, this Etched Copper Pendant:etched copper pendant
Another eye catching piece is the Etched Brass Pendant:

And finally, these lovely Ripple Etched Copper Earrings, also available without the ripple or in sterling silver.

So...stop by Moore Taste to check out these beauties and much, much more!! Be sure to mention that you saw her here!

I hear ringing!

Spotlight on some new rings at Sapphire Lizard Designs!

Fun and funky button rings:Ring of fire button ring

Cotton Candy button ring

Another of my "classic" wire wrapped rings:
wire wrapped ring mustn't forget the new earrings:pretty peacock earrings

splash on the sand earrings

Impromptu Etsy Front Page Contest

The Etsy Treasury has become such a hot place to be, that the poor servers can't handle all of the traffic they're getting. So...while the Treasury is down, one of the Etsy Admins is running a bit of an impromptu contest to find a front page treasury. I just so happened to have a treasury planned and was going to try to grab a spot. Here it is:

I was planning on blogging on this theme tonight anyways!!


Calling all bead addicts!! These are some of the most stunning beads I've ever seen!!! Boy, I sure do love Bead Abundant!!

Renaissance Pair Lampwork Bead setI can always count on seeing some stunning shades of blue and green at Bead Abundant, but there's just something about this "Renaissance Pair" that takes the blue and green to a whole new level!

Heavy Metal

Wanted to share a few awesome new favorites. I have been on a major metal jewelry kick lately.

Take a few minutes to check out this lovely Blue-Green and Ice Blue Chainmaille bracelet from ice blue chainmaille bracelet
For you copper fans like myself, you'll adore this Copper and Silver Necklace from Accent Yourself.copper silver necklace chainmailleLast, but certainly not least...check out the Copper Circles Bracelet from Grassy Mountain Design.
copper circles bracelet
In addition to making such fabulous pieces, these 3 artists are all relatively new to Etsy. Stroll on over and check out their shops, and be sure to mention that you saw them here.

Dressing up Denim

The EtsyBEAD theme of the week this week is "Dressing up Denim". Some of my fellow street team members have been lucky (patient) enough to snag a few treasuries to show off some of the lovely items that are on sale this week.EtsyBEAD dressing up denim treasuryEtsyBEAD dressing up denim treasuryEtsyBEAD dressing up denim treasurySee something you like?? Want to see more?? Search Etsy for "Dressing up Denim" or just click here!! And remember...each and every week you can search for the tag "EBTW" to find items for that week's theme. To learn more about the EtsyBEAD street team and our weekly sales, stop by our team blog at !!

Word World Build-A-Word

Do you have a preschooler at home?? Then I definitely recommend you check out Word World on PBS Kids!! It is an awesome new show. My son absolutely loves watching it, and I love the educational value! Check it out!

Etsy Spotlight~ Frozen in Time

I am incredibly excited to introduce you to an awesome new Etsy seller. I have to admit, I discovered this shop through the Daily Ditties at Wickedly Chic.

Frozen in Time is a shop full of truly unique pendants. These pendants are photographic images from inside of kaleidescopes, mounted in acrylic pendants. Absolutely stunning!!

frozen in time colorful kaleidescope pendant

Go Colts!

The secret's out! I'm a football fanatic, and a big time Indianapolis Colts fan! In celebration of tonight's big season opener game...just a little bit of team spirit.

Feeling Lucky Earrings by Girl in World:
Feeling Lucky Horseshoe Earrings
Blue and White Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant by Lucky Girl Trading Company:Blue white fused dichroic glass pendant
Blue Spiral Lampwork Pendant by Avenue Beads:blue spiral lampwork pendant avenue beads
OCEANIA Fused Glass Pendant by Willow Glass:oceania fused glass pendant willowglass
Go Colts!!

Where have you been???

Many of you may have been wondering where I've been. Things have been busy at home, and I haven't had much time for blogging.

The biggest chunk of my time has gone to my son. Our 4 yr old son had his tonsils and adenoids removed last Thursday. So, we spent our Labor Day weekend nursing him back to health. I'd say that he pulled through it very well, but we definitely had our ups and downs. He has been fairly low key, and his appetite comes and goes. The biggest challenge we've had is getting him to drink enough fluids. Today is his first day back at daycare...a little sad for me. Hopefully it goes well, because tomorrow is another big day for him. Tomorrow is the first day of preschool. Last week they had an open house, and he had a blast. So much so that when it came time to leave, he didn't want to go home.

It is a bit weird not having the kids around today. It has been a while since I've taken them to daycare on one of my days off...and after a long weekend with them, it sure is quiet around here. I mustn't spend too much time enjoying the peace and quiet though...there is much to do today. I need to finish cleaning up around the house. More importantly, I must finish getting things together for an appointment I have this afternoon. I'm headed over to check out the lovely little shop opening today in Lake Villa, called Artisans Ball. I actually heard about the shop through Etsy, as the owner is an Etsy seller. The shop features a number of indie artists, a list which will hopefully include myself soon too.

Over the coming weeks, I will do what I can to bring the blog back up to normal speed. It may take a while though because my husband has a couple of business trips, and I'll be a single mom for a while. Thanks so much for your patience!!