Birthday Celebration

I have spent most of my weekend completely engulfed in cleaning up in preparation for my son's birthday party. So...staying with the theme...

Here are some lovely birthday related finds on Etsy:

This tasty cupcake charm on a lovely ribbon necklace. Made by inedible jewelry.

Every little boy is sure to love this dumptruck birthday card, made by Always a Little Behind Crafts.

Or, how about a personalized birthday plate from Painted for You.

Last, but not must never forget the gift tags!! Here are some from Hafa Adai.

On a personal note...

I simply cannot believe that my little guy is turning 4 already!! Where has the time gone??

Vintage is calling me!

This totally awesome lot of vintage goodies from luxe deluxe just caught my eye!

yellow orange vintage bead supplies
I've looked at some vintage beads lately, and thought about giving them a whirl. Quite possible that this is the set to get me started! What do you think?

Featured Artist of the Week~ July 17th

As I mentioned last week...I am featuring another great glass artist this week. This week's featured artist is somewhat new to the Etsy scene. She offers a variety of great glass beads and pendants.

Isinglass Design

The first bead that caught my eye in Laurie's shop was this Pink and Purple Swirled pendant bead.

I am not normally a fan of bumpy glass beads, but I really like the way this one was done. The pink bumps blend well with the rest of the colors. They're almost like sprinkles on top of a cupcake.

It probably won't surprise you to hear that I love the bright green and aqua in this pendant bead.

Also, I must mention that there are a number of glass creatures roaming around Laurie's shop. My favorite of the creatures is this lovely fish.
So...take a few minutes to browse the rest of the shop. And be sure to tell Laurie that you saw her here!

Fall/Winter Color Forecast

As much as conformity bugs me...I have given some thought to these colors. After a long car trip this weekend, I have combed my bead catalogs and planned my fall lines.

I have always been a fan of the blue/green shades like "Blue Jay", "Marine" and "Peacock". Quite honestly, this pallette of colors is wonderful. I plan to be working with a lot of blue this fall and winter. But I certainly will not be neglecting the golden and brown tones of the "Topaz", "Cream Soda", "Cornsilk" and "Cola".

I hope to be introducing my fall lines in early August.

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Joys of Motherhood: Reflection

As we approach Tommy's 4th birthday this month and the start of preschool in the fall, I have thought a lot about how much he has grown, particularly over the last year. For a while, I was worried that he was missing a few key things for preschool, but I'm starting to realize that I was wrong about that.

My 4 yr. old doesn't know the alphabet. Yes, he can sing the alphabet song over an over again (along with every song from his Veggie Tales CD and every TV show he watches), but when I would show him a letter and ask him what it was, he often told me that he didn't know. He has been able to spell his name (and recognize it when he sees it written) for several months now. After that, I thought things just stopped. Surprise! Mommy was wrong. The wheels are turning in that little head. The other night, he wanted to write in one of the birthday invitations (we had a few leftover). He got himself a marker and wrote T-O-M-M-Y. Then he looked up and asked "Mommy...what's my full name?" I proceeded to spell out our last name, one letter at a time. With each letter, he showed me in the air, how he was going to write it. There was only one letter that I had to help him out with. WOW! My little lefty can write!!

Is he ever going to use the potty? Tommy is a busybody. He doesn't want to stop playing to use the potty. And strangely, he didn't seem to mind wet pants. He has been able to go for quite some time now, but not willing. I read books, articles, etc on potty tips. I tried all sorts of reward systems. Those would only work for a couple of weeks and then he'd lose interest. Everyone said "It'll happen when he's ready." and "No one goes to college in diapers." That didn't help me. I was starting to feel embarassed that I had a nearly 4 your old who could not care less about the potty. Then it happened. I ran out of pull-ups. Oops! ;) He was faced with a decision...underwear, his sister's princess pull-ups, or go naked. (I have since been advised never to give my child the option of going naked.) Thankfully, he chose the underwear. It has been about 6 weeks now, and he is doing very well. Now, there's still some business that he won't do in the potty yet, but we have definitely taken a huge stride towards freedom from diapers!

My child doesn't play well with others. Despite having a sister to interact with daily and friends at daycare, I have been concerned about Tommy's social skills. On a recent trip to the zoo, he was in a play area with several other boys around his age. The boys were working together, trying to build a fort. Tommy didn't get this. He didn't seem to want to interact with the others, except for to tell them that he "...had it first. Give it back!" One of the mothers asked if he was an only child. At this point, I was terribly embarrassed to admit that he is not. This bugged me. The more I thought about it, the scientist in me developed a theory. He's been playing with the same group of friends for years now. They know his ways and they all have their way of dealing with him. Being in a home daycare, the turnover is not as high as in a daycare center. The influx of new kids on a fairly regular basis just isn't there. With this one, I did take matters into my own hands. On my day with the kids, we've been taking outings to crowded parks, beaches, spray parks, etc. (Really, this is good for all of us!) The first few trips were horrendous! He would throw fits in the park, cry, yell at other kids and tell them that they were bad because they weren't doing things his way. After a little coaching and many pep talks, Tommy is now doing really well. He scopes out the scene, finds some kids, asks if he can play with them, and even seems ok if they tell him no. Sooner or later, he finds a crowd to hang with and has a blast!

I am convinced. Tommy is ready for preschool!

Random Neat Find

pendant upcycled from antique glass

I was browsing Etsy today when I found this really neat new shop! The shop is called Bottled Up Designs, and they create lovely jewelry from the glass of antique bottles!!

Each piece also comes complete with "The Story of the Glass". How cool is that?? A great piece of handmade, unique jewelry, complete with its own history of its former life!!! Check out Bottled Up Designs today!

Featured Artist of the Week~ July 9th

I'm trying to save up to make some major purchases of artisan lampwork beads. As a result, I have been adding TONS of bead artists to my Etsy favorites. Over the next few weeks, I plan to showcase several of those artists.

This week's featured artist is...

Avenue Beads


Some artists' work is so unique that I am able to identify the artist before I even click on that little thumbnail. This week's featured artist, Avenue Beads, happens to be one of those artists. I think its a combination of the vibrant colors used in his beads and his photography style, but I always know an Avenue Bead when I see it pass by on the recently listed items.

I am particularly fascinated by his use of vibrant blues. Here are some of my personal favorites from Avenue Beads.

Silvered Lapis~ Lampwork Focal Bead:
Avenue Beads lampwork beads

Distant Planet Focal:Avenue Beads lampwork glassMango Waves:
Avenue Beads lampwork glass

Stop by and browse the rest of the shop and see what strikes your fancy. Be sure to mention that you saw him here!!

Stitch Markers now available!!!

The custom set of crochet stitch markers that I made last week got great feedback. So...I'd like to introduce you to the newest items in my collection. I will now be making stitch markers regularly, and I welcome custom orders.

I listed 2 sets of knitting stictch markers tonight.

Pink and Black (Set of 6):

stitch markers knittingTeal (Set of 8):

stitch markers knitting

New, New, New

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Parenting Tips

Quirky Parenting Tips

I found this link courtesy of Work It: A blog for Working Moms

Personally...I like this one:
"You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit"

Now that my daughter has a good hold on her verbal skills, I'm hearing a lot more complaining than when my son was doing all the talking. She's picking up all sorts of phrases from him. Unfortunately, she's also picking up all of the intricacies of his fits and tantrums. Not cool.

Sapphire Lizard Designs now available at MY MY!!!

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