Enter my Contest! Win FREE Stuff!!

Now that I have your attention...

I'm going to make you do just a little bit of work for this. You're going to have to know just a little bit about me and my business...but I promise that there are no trick questions!

What's in it for you?? An awesome box of goodies with a retail value of $30-40.

How do you enter?? Easy. Just answer these 3 simple questions. Send me your answer in the form of a comment to this post.

How will the winner be chosen?? The winner will be randomly chosen from the qualifying entries. (read: my 4yr old will draw a name out of his hat!)

Contest entries must be made by midnight on Sunday, July 8, 2007. I will draw the winner on Monday, July 9th.

So...here are the 3 simple questions:
1) What is my favorite color?
2) What is my day job?
3) Which is your favorite item in my shop?


papernclay said...

blue,chemist,goldstone and agate necklace
great idea!!

npsunshine said...

Well I am very much a girly girl lol and my favorite color is pink. :) Your day job is working part time as a chemist (wow!!) and my favorite item in your shop is the Crimson Smoke necklace - very pretty :)

nuemj88 said...

Pink. I am a student and a graphic designer on Etsy for my job :) and my favorite item is the Crimson Smoke necklace, gorgeous job.

Rachel said...

Cobalt blue is my ultimate favourite colour (followed by sage green and copper).

I'm a lunchlady, student, and I sing in an alt-folk band.

My favourite piece is the Black and Blue Ring (in fact, I'm half-tempted to buy it!).

-Beadniks :D

blest said...


It seems to me your fave color is blue - hence the Sapphire in Sapphire Lizard.

Day job Mom/Chemist

I like this http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5640303 - the Paisley Necklace.

Good promo idea!

WendiWinn said...

sapphire blue...
and my fav from your shop is definitely your avatar!


fun fun.

mushroomgirl said...

CAD designer (designs circuits boards and creates mechanical drawings)
The Twisted Vines ring is my favorite piece with the little red flowers


Karen said...

Let's see...

1. Blue 2. Chemist 3. And I love the colors in this ring "Classic Swirls": http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5694323

Anonymous said...

sapphire blue

part time chemist

I love love love the turquoise and agate necklace!

ericalev :)

Valhi said...

fun contest!

blue, chemist, Juicy blueberry necklace

dboudre said...

1) Blue
2) Mom/Jewlry Conoseur/Chemist
3) Paisley Necklace

Krazy Kate Designs said...

definitely blue with your beautiful banner, part time chemist, and I love this paisley necklace...


thanks for the fun!

Amanda said...

1. I have no idea of your favorite color, but I will guess blue. Or Sapphire, to be more specific!
2. You work as a chemist, and you work as a mom. :)
3. This is my favorite from your shop: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6398340

Great contest, good luck to all!

Sha said...

1) What is my favorite color?
2) What is my day job?
3) Which is your favorite item in my shop?

blue. my day job is being a student. my favorite item in your shop is your silver bubble braclet.

LLing Designs said...

your favorite color is Blue

your day job:
Mom and a chemist for a major health company

my fav from your shop is:

LolaLynn said...

(Sapphire)Blue is the color.
Chemist by day as well as mother.
My fave: primrose garden