Birthday Celebration

I have spent most of my weekend completely engulfed in cleaning up in preparation for my son's birthday party. So...staying with the theme...

Here are some lovely birthday related finds on Etsy:

This tasty cupcake charm on a lovely ribbon necklace. Made by inedible jewelry.

Every little boy is sure to love this dumptruck birthday card, made by Always a Little Behind Crafts.

Or, how about a personalized birthday plate from Painted for You.

Last, but not must never forget the gift tags!! Here are some from Hafa Adai.

On a personal note...

I simply cannot believe that my little guy is turning 4 already!! Where has the time gone??


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Very clever! And just wait till you realize your little boy is edging closer to thirty! :o)

Angela Vandenbogaard said...

Very nice blog :) I really like the cupcake charm that you posted :)
♥ Angie

chef jess said...

Cute list! Thank you so much for including our birthday cupcake!

We hope your little boy had a lovely birthday. :)
(Jessica from inedible jewelry)

Ben Can Dance said...

Cute little charm by enediblejewelry! I've admired her work before. :)