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How about a lovely Wine Bottle Stopper, decorated with a stunning dichroic glass piece from Paula's Stress Art? Pick one up today for just $23!!

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Know someone who needs a bit of pampering, but you're just not sure what scent to choose? Then consider this Mini Lotion Gift Sampler from Right as Rain Creations. For only $10 you get to sample 6 scents. The only challenge will be choosing just 6 from more than 25 available scents!

Right as Rain Sampler Gift Pack

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Here is a great and inexpensive gift idea. Tile coaster sets from Little Tile Gnome. Sets of four tile coasters sell for only $10. She carries every style imaginable. Retro, floral, holiday, vintage and more!!

Here is just one example of these fabulous coasters:

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Like a more natural look to your jewelry? Then you might consider a River Rock pendant from Sarah Wong Jewelry.

This particular pendant retails for just $23.

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Know someone who is decorating a new home? Well, then you may want to consider this lovely piece from Amy Giacomelli. I admire Amy's work, most of which is well beyond my budget right now. This piece is a bit smaller than many of Amy's pieces and so is its price.

Give this serene painting this holiday season for only $53.
Lakeside at Sunset:

Of course, feel free to browse Amy's shop for many more fabulous pieces!

Sapphire Lizard's Gift Guide

Everyday for the next 2 weeks, I'm going to be posting some neat Etsy finds. This is my own personal gift guide.

Today, I'll start things off with this Large Serving Bowl from Dishfuls of Doodles:
dishful of doodles handpainted bowlThis bowl, like all of her other products, is handpainted with Mary's original design. This particular bowl caught my eye because of its color. These lovely bowls are available in multiple sizes and an assortment of different colors. Looking for a platter or a vase instead? No problem! Mary has those too! Just stop by today!