What's new?

Fabulous new items listed in my shop today!!

Purple River Ring
Made with a lovely artisan lampwork bead that I picked up at the Arts Festival.
wire wrapped copper ring with artisan lampwork glass bead

Flower Ring

wire wrapped copper ring with flower bead

I also got a chance to update the pictures on both of these lovely items.

Royal Beauty
blue apatite pendant with copper beads

Sweetheart Pendant
sterling silver sweetheart pendant

Stop by my shop to see what other goodies I have for sale!!

the goofball in me...

couldn't resist this. It made me giggle.

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Riding the Etsy Time Machine

Spotted some cool finds while cruising the Etsy Time Machine this morning.

This adorable litte cell phone/mp3 pouch from Fambee.
mp3 ipod pouch

Kiwi Fruit barrettes from one plaid aunt.
kiwi barrette

Simply stunning mosaic coffee table from jen and company too.
glass mosaic coffee table

Paisley Garden Magnets from gollyg.
paisley garden magnets

Take a minute to browse these shops for other great items. And be sure to tell them that you saw them here!

Happy Friday!

Oh my!

Rough morning with my son. He pulled a major drama act on me and made it terribly difficult to leave the daycare.

After a morning like that, this blurb was the perfect little pick-me-up:

Major Tantrum

Yes, I do have a strong-willed child, but not THAT strong!!

Summer SALE!

Sapphire Lizard Designs is having a summer sale!
Great items on sale now!
Select items have been marked down nearly 30%.

Sneak preview...

Sandy Beach Necklace. Now just $24!!

Blood Jasper Necklace. Now just $25!!

Swing by and check out what's on sale today!

Random Neat Find

Popped on to Etsy this afternoon, and this item on the front page caught my eye.

Brand new item from a brand new seller. This necklace appeals to the chemist in me. It has just the right geek factor, but is still totally cool. It puts a scientific twist on those inspirational word charms (which I love too!).

Have you been here??

I hope that for many of you, the answer is "yes". But if not, take a few minutes to browse these totally awesome sites!

Yes, this is a VERY short list. But hey...I can't give away all my secrets at once!

Featured Artist of the Week~ June 25th

Yes...I did miss this feature last week. But things are back and running again this week with one of my personal favorites.

Red Crow Arts



Pottery pieces, clay pendants and tiles, mosaics...Red Crow Arts has them all!

I love her paisley pendants!! They come in all colors and sizes!

handmade paisley pendant

If these pendants strike your fancy, you may also want to stop on by my shop and see my Paisley Necklace. (shameless plug, I know!) But hey...I adore the pendant.

You'll also find a variety of lovely mosaic pieces, including this colorful welcome sign.

mosaic welcome sign

and this STUNNING mosaic mirror:

mosaic mirror

There's much more to see at Red Crow Arts, so stop on by today. Be sure to mention that you saw her here!!

~*~*~Totally Tuesday SALE~*~*~

To celebrate my feature on Wickedly Chic yesterday...

Totally Tuesday SALE!!

Save 25% on all purchases from Sapphire Lizard Designs


You could take home this lovely necklace for just $42!

Or this bracelet for just $18!

Stop by and take a look around!
See shop announcement for more details!!

The ups and downs of business

One of the risks of doing business at craft fairs and shows is being at the mercy of the weather. Unfortunately, what could have been a major day for me at this year's Arts Festival in Grayslake turned out to be nearly a bust. With a high temperature over 90 degrees and some really nasty humidity, most people chose wisely and stayed at home. After chatting with other vendors, I feel like I did OK...all things considered. Of course, it was a great experience and I learned a lot in getting ready for the show. I have some new ideas about how to set up my booth and display my pieces. And...a little something that I learned from a booth across the way...set up a mirror. Makes sense! Doesn't everyone want to see what a necklace looks like on them before they buy it??

Proof that you just have to go with the flow, and that there will be both good days and bad days...

Today was a happy day. One of my necklaces was featured in the Daily Ditties section on Wickedly Chic!!! Check it out!!

Another happy note today...
Some of my fabulous rings are on their way out east. They'll be taking up temporary residence in mymy's new shop. There they will wait patiently to be taken to their new homes with some lucky shoppers! Check out mymy online at http://mymy.us/ !!

Featured Artist of the Week: June 11

This week's featured artist was picked from my long list of favorite Etsy shops.

Eye Pop Art



Eye Pop Art, as its name implies, is a bright, vibrant, colorful shop. Many of the items have been created out of "upcycled" vinyl records. For instance, this Raspberry Mandala Record Bowl:
mandala recordYou'll also find this Flower Mandala Record Clock:

mandala record

In addition to the items shown here, you will also find garden art, cuff bracelets, and even the Mod Mandalas Coloring Book. Take a few minutes to stop by and browse Eye Pop Art. Be sure to tell her you saw here here.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area, visit Eye Pop Art's profile for her upcoming show schedule.

Gemstone Spotlight

Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla

In the box along with my supply order last week, was the June-September catalog from Firemountain Gems and Beads. There on the first 2 pages were breathtaking shades of blue and green. Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla. I have always been fond of shades of blue and green, so it is no surprise that these pages totally drew me in.


Chrysocolla is similar to malachite, but more bluish. It is often confused with turquoise. blue/green color comes from copper. Due to its mineral composition, chrysocolla is a very delicate stone and should be treated much like pearls.

Blue Apatite...

Kyanite is a translucent blue/gray stone with a metallic shimmer.

I'm not sure how yet, but I am hoping to work some of this lovely color into some of my summer designs. Right now, I'm thinking Chrysocolla with copper. We'll see!

Addicted 2 Beads

I was actually able to get a treasury this weekend. Its the first time I've even tried in a while. Personally, I think it was one of the best looking treasuries that I've put together.

In the process, I found some new favorites for beads including beadabundant, blackriverbeads, and HMB studios. Very lovely work everyone!

I sure wish that I had more money for some of these beads. Hopefully if my show goes well I'll be able to splurge on some of these beauties.


That's a whole ton of blogs!!!

Several Etsy sellers have been keeping and evergrowing list of the blogs of Etsy sellers. Here's the list as it stands today...with a whopping 809 blogs!


mothtoflame, indiscretion and sixthandelm have all contributed to the efforts of maintaining this list. Kudos to you all!!

Featured artist of the week~ June 1st

Looking for Unique handmade gifts of the crocheted varitey?? Then you should definitely check out this week's featured artist!

William's Giftshop


Keychain Lipbalm Holder

Never go anywhere withouth your lipbalm again! Available in a wide range of colors and 3 different sizes...this handy little creation is a must have!

Amazing Mirrors

Looking to make a statement?? Then take a look at these!
New Trend Necklaces

I have several of BeaG's items. They are clearly made with love and care. Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. You will not be disappointed. Take a minute to browse her shop...and be sure to tell her that you saw her here!