Gemstone Spotlight

Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla

In the box along with my supply order last week, was the June-September catalog from Firemountain Gems and Beads. There on the first 2 pages were breathtaking shades of blue and green. Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla. I have always been fond of shades of blue and green, so it is no surprise that these pages totally drew me in.


Chrysocolla is similar to malachite, but more bluish. It is often confused with turquoise. blue/green color comes from copper. Due to its mineral composition, chrysocolla is a very delicate stone and should be treated much like pearls.

Blue Apatite...

Kyanite is a translucent blue/gray stone with a metallic shimmer.

I'm not sure how yet, but I am hoping to work some of this lovely color into some of my summer designs. Right now, I'm thinking Chrysocolla with copper. We'll see!