The ups and downs of business

One of the risks of doing business at craft fairs and shows is being at the mercy of the weather. Unfortunately, what could have been a major day for me at this year's Arts Festival in Grayslake turned out to be nearly a bust. With a high temperature over 90 degrees and some really nasty humidity, most people chose wisely and stayed at home. After chatting with other vendors, I feel like I did OK...all things considered. Of course, it was a great experience and I learned a lot in getting ready for the show. I have some new ideas about how to set up my booth and display my pieces. And...a little something that I learned from a booth across the way...set up a mirror. Makes sense! Doesn't everyone want to see what a necklace looks like on them before they buy it??

Proof that you just have to go with the flow, and that there will be both good days and bad days...

Today was a happy day. One of my necklaces was featured in the Daily Ditties section on Wickedly Chic!!! Check it out!!

Another happy note today...
Some of my fabulous rings are on their way out east. They'll be taking up temporary residence in mymy's new shop. There they will wait patiently to be taken to their new homes with some lucky shoppers! Check out mymy online at !!