I hear ringing!

Spotlight on some new rings at Sapphire Lizard Designs!

Fun and funky button rings:Ring of fire button ring

Cotton Candy button ring

Another of my "classic" wire wrapped rings:
wire wrapped ring
And...you mustn't forget the new earrings:pretty peacock earrings

splash on the sand earrings


WendiWinn said...

i love the button rings! (i'm so addicted to buying buttons lately).

Ginger said...

The wire coming up through the buttons is so cute! My mom had a jar of buttons around when I was a kid, and I just loved pouring them out and looking at them. What a lovely thing to do with them - rings!

SapphireLizard said...

I am definitely finding the buttons to be just as addictive as beads. This set is just the beginning!!

ginger~ My 4yr old has a blast when I work with the buttons. He spreads them all out on the floor and talks to me about the colors and shapes.

Audrey said...

Cute =)