Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

Lately, the weather around here has been crazy. This past weekend it was 90 degrees and incredibly humid...not typical for October in Chicago. Now, here it is Wednesday and only a high in the low 50's. Now that's much more like normal. So...its finally starting to look and feel like fall.

Wind gusts swoosh through and blow up clouds of fallen leaves. So, I thought I'd swoosh through and show off some great leafy items I found on Etsy.

Gold Heart and Leaves Pendant by Tiny Montgomery:gold heart and leaves pendant

Autumn Oak and Acorn Procelain Ring by Round Rabbit:autumn oak acron procelain ring

And, last but not least, this adorable bag from Homegrown Skinny:Boogie with Stu Bag

If you find that you're needing an extra large helping of autumn these days, then just hop on over to Etsy and search for leaves. There's definitely plenty to choose from!


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