Kronos Rocks!

I don't know all that much about Kronos glass, but one thing's for sure...I love Kronos glass beads!! It makes for absolutely stunning shades of blue/green color. I love it!!!

One example is this lovely focal bead from Mary Lockwood: chrome twist metallic lampwork bead
A lovely focal from Seattle Lampwork Designs:kronos lampwork focal
This lovely set from Bead Abundant:metallic blue and tan bead


Karolen said...

Thanks for posting a picture of my Kronos beads. I love Kronos, too, and I use it a lot. I may have a new favorite glass, though: "Psyche," also by Double Helix! Wow, is it a gorgeous color! You get the blues and greens, but also hints of purple, magenta and yellow in the metallic shine.
From a fellow mom and Chemistry freak,