Work in progress

Its not at all uncommon for me to have my hands in several beading projects at a time. Lately though, my mind has been all over the board when it comes to creative energy. So many ideas and not enough hands to be working on them.

Just wanted to share a couple of the pieces that are coming along. The first is a necklace I started last night. It is quite different from the styles you might normally find in my shop. There are 4 heart shaped hemalyke stations and chains of oval jump rings.

The second piece I was working on tonight is one that I've had in mind since I bought these beads weeks ago. When I started, I thought it was going to be a bracelet, but now I'm headed towards a necklace.

I hope to get both of these pieces finished this weekend. That way I can get them photographed in daylight and should have some rocking listings for next week!


katherine said...

mmm i like the hematite hearts a lot!